Nipun Arora

Computer Scientist/Software Engineer

  • PhD in Computer Science, 2017

    Columbia University

  • MSc in Computer Science, 2009

    Columbia University

  • Data Engineering/Streaming Pipelines
  • Search & Retrieval
  • Scalability and Performance
  • ML and ML Infra
  • PL & Compilers (once upon a time)

About Me:

I’m a researcher at heart and software engineer in practice with several years of experience leading software engineering teams in successful and impactful projects. I pride myself in delivering results, and driving innovation in organizations, as well as improving engineering and buisiness process to enable developer productivity and the org as a whole.

I have a PhD in Computer Science from Columbia University, where I worked at the Programming Systems Laboratory with Prof. Gail Kaiser. My research interests span data analytics, big data, stream processing, distributed systems, large scale system debugging, and program analysis. I have briefly also worked on cloud computing and software defined networking.

Work History:

Currently I am a Director of Engineering at Priceline in Flights Backend Infrastructure Group, I lead the search and pricing veriticals, with teams both in US and Canda. I drive best-practices, architect and drive changes across the Flights Stack, along with representing the team in company wide endavors (moving to GKE etc.). Before this, I worked as a Senior IC at Dropbox, New York with the Previews Infrastructure Services Team. The preview-infrastructure team provides middle layer services to convert uploaded files into previewable content for all user-facing frontends for dropbox (this is the second largest infra fleet after storage at dropbox). I was a researcher at NEC Labs America, Princeton, NJ where I worked with Systems Research Group (formerly a part of the Autonomic Computing Group). I have also briefly interned as Business Analyst at McKinsey & Co., New York in 2008. In my undergrad years, I interned as a Research Consultant at Instituto de Soldedura Equalidade (Lisbon, Portugal), a research organization under the aegis of the European Union where I was involved in a Project called “Natrualhy”. I was also a Research Assistant at the Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi, India) in the Computer Integrated Manufacturing Lab, where I worked on Supply Chain Management.

Recent News:

  • Invited talk at Google Journal Club- Replay without Recording of Production Bugs for SOA (ASE 2018)
  • Awarded Excellent Invention Awards for patent applications- 2017: Next Generation Log Analytics Application: An Automated Anomaly Detection Service on Heterogeneous Logs
  • Awarded NEC Business Contribution Award - 2016 (awarded for Research Commercialization)
  • Spot Recognition Award for Supporting Log Analysis Technology Development, Oct 2016
  • NEC Recognition Award for Creating Patent Portfolio for Log Analysis Technologies, Jun 2016
  • Awarded NEC Business Contribution Award - 2015 (awarded for Research Commercialization)


  • 10 Issued Patents, 26 Filed Patents (pending) - as of Feb 24, 2017
  • 17 Peer-Reviewed Publications​

Community Activity:

  • Program Committee Member Middleware 2015
  • Reviewer IEEE’s Journal on Transactions for Parallel and Distributed Systems
  • Peer Reviwer SPIN 2014
  • Peer Reviewer Globecom 2014
  • Reviewer IEEE’s Journal on Transactions for Service Computing
  • Peer Reviewer SCSC 2014
  • Peer Reviewer SDN-AA Workshop 2014
  • Peer Reviewer ICAC 2014
  • Peer Reviewer SIGMETRICS 2014

Previous Interns/Students:

  • Mohammad Ali Gulzar, PhD Student, UCLA, Summer 2016
  • Muhammad Solaimani, University of Texas Dallas, Summer 2016
  • Pradeep Fernando, PhD Student, Georgia Tech University, Summer 2015
  • Yuanzhen Gu, PhD Student, Rutgers University, Summer 2014
  • Advait Dixit, PhD Student, Purdue University, Spring 2014
  • Hui Lu, PhD Student, Purdue University, Summer 2013
  • Nitin Natrajan, MS, Columbia - Fall 2010
  • Jyotsna Sebe, MS, Columbia - Fall 2009
  • Bing Wu, MS, Columbia - Fall 2008, Spring 2009
  • Suhas Anand, MS, Columbia - Fall 2008
  • Junxiong Jia, MS, Columbia - Fall 2008